Speedtest - Now it's the severs fault

Augusta, Georgia 0 comments
Not resolved

Here is a new one....They will send you to speedtest.com and for reason and how I do not know they say that your upload must be above .8 and mine was .4...However, after that session I googled for other speed tests and found a few other sites....Lo and Behold...the other sites had me up past 4. something. On asks, how do they do this?? I do not have that answer but I do know the speedtest they sent me to was close to me. My test was from clear across the US from me???? Go figure....Something stinks in Denmark like the ol' saying goes.

They have no one qualified to fix anyone's problem let alone their own..

This is disguisting and one year I am stuck with...lesson learned.

I hope I out live there usefulness..


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